CARE Customer Service – Customers Are Really Everything

Customers Are Really Everything


Are you losing business because well-meaning employees focus on situations they cannot control and miss opportunities where they can make a difference?  These employees convey a lack of caring without realizing the effect.  Customers feel this complacency and lose interest in your company, products and services.
This program introduces the ‘Invisible Customer’ and proves that every employee makes a difference-whether positive or negative – attitudes and actions impact the bottom-line!  Your staff will learn easy remember and apply techniques that create extraordinary Customer Service.  Customers know they are valued when employees show “CARE” through Acknowledgment, Attitude, Understanding, Attention to Detail, and Appreciation.
Who should attend: Managers, support staff, customer service representatives and anyone who has access to your customers!
Your staff will learn how to:
  • Eliminate the Two Useless Emotions that inhibit performance
  • Re-program Private-Dialogue to correct unproductive behavior
  • Internalize the “CARE” formula to develop genuine relationships with customers and co-workers
  • Use the 5-Minute Rule to build an atmosphere of appreciation
  • Practice the Starfish Principle to build momentum and on going success
How your company will benefit:
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Generate business
  • Earn a reputation for service
  • Create extraordinary workplace dynamics and employee retention
Format: Two or four-hour program

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