CARE Communication Skills

Research has proven that the most successful people, in business and in life, relate to and communicate well with others.  This thought-provoking learning experience helps participants learn to listen and really hear, know what type of questions to ask and when, and understand the principle of psychological reciprocity.   Ideas mean nothing unless you can communicate them.

Who should attend: All who desire to enhance their communication skills
Using the four steps in the CARE model, you will learn:
  • How your communication approach can make a positive difference
  • Practical tools to discover what motivates others and how to adapt your communication style to their needs
  • Understand the difference between proactive and reactive communication
  • How to use reflective listening
  • How to create trust through communication
  • Create an atmosphere of appreciation
How you will benefit:
  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Increase personal resilience and confidence
  • Communicate your ideas with CARE
How your organization will benefit:
  • Build foundations of trust and appreciation
  • Create loyalty in the workplace
  • Attract and retain quality employees
2-hour, ½ Day or full day program

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