Rory’s Superset

Rory has created a selection of his favorites to help you live to the fullest!

This Super Set Includes:

ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD - THE STARFISH STORY:  A young boy teaches his grandfather the importance of making a differences.  Rory uses this heartwarming story to encourage you to "throw starfish" - word of kindness to those around you both at home and at work.

THAT'S LIKE ME - THE POWER OF SELF-TALK: Through touching personal anecdotes, Rory teaches you how to modify your self-talk to improve your life.  Learn how the intimate conversations you carry on with yourself can help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

PRO-ACTIVE VS. RE-ACTIVE BEHAVIOR: Taped before a live audience, learn to deal with daily stress as Rory shows you how to take charge of the things you can control, let go of what your can't and move forward with positive determination!

THE 5-MINUTE RULE: A fail-proof method to ensure you take care of what matters most.  Learn the difference just five-minutes a day can make in your relationships both at home and at work.

Price: $80.00

Shipping: $5.00

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