The Success Factor – Do It, NOW!


Success Factor – Successful people do that which unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. You can substitute the word ‘people’ for any word – a successful teacher, leader, salesperson, manager, shipping clerk, organization, association, father, mother – and the statement is still true. Successful people may not be the brightest, best educated, or most talented. Most times they aren’t but what they do is ACT – NOW on the things that will Make A Difference.

Everyone can learn to do this!

Through the use of humor, real-life examples, stories and powerful discovery techniques, Rory Aplanalp delivers a program that will once and for all remove the obstacles to success in any area of life. Attendees will be laughing while they discover for themselves the internal motivation to Do It, NOW!
Who should attend: Appropriate for all levels within the organization

What you will learn:

  • The power of the present moment to create the future you desire
  • Create an Attitude of Action within yourself
  • Focus on goals regardless of other’s behavior, uncertainty, change and uncontrollable events
  • Eliminate negative ‘Self-Talk’, excuses and procrastination
  • Build the momentum of success
Format: 45 to 90 minute keynote

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