The Art of Becoming an Authentic Leader

Many analysts and business scholars simultaneously rate leadership as the most sought after elusive quality in business today! Effective leadership largely determines the level to which an organization will rise.  Titles, authority and responsibility can be conferred, but recognition as an authentic leader can only be bestowed by those who choose to follow.


This thought-provoking learning experience introduces participants to the break-through concept of Heart (emotion), Mind (logic) and Body (action) of authentic leadership.  Bottom-line: focus on building people first and the people will build the organization.  Through the use of exercises, real-life business examples and powerful discovery techniques, Rory Aplanalp provides managers with results oriented, tangible actions they can apply immediately to enhance on the job performance and satisfaction in themselves and others.
Who should attend: All levels of management
What you will learn:
  • Find your enthusiasm and quickly pinpoint what motivates those you manage
  • Adapt your communication style to meet the needs of others
  • Actions to elevate and serve those in your charge
  • Gain commitment and overcome resistance to change
  • Create strong working relationships and professional trust
  • Keep people focused during change, stress and setbacks
How you will benefit:
  • Become a more dynamic and effective leader
  • Retain key people through mentorship and professional growth
  • Increase interpersonal confidence and effectiveness
  • Enhance the productivity of yourself and others
  • Build foundations of trust and appreciation

Format: Two, four or six-hour program

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