Not Taking Possession of the National Recession

This keynote shows how to “Make a Difference”. It starts with the 5-minute commitment to change and creating an action plan. It is not difficult or complicated. It is understanding the strength of the human spirit and how to apply three basic principles that yield immediate results. Positive, proactive, permanent change takes place when a person not only makes a decision but adds to that the power of their passion. This keynote shows you exactly where to start and gives you a new skill enabling you to get there.

Rory Aplanalp co-authored a book entitled The Five Minute Rule. It is about how change is created and how the impact of that change is felt in the first five minutes. Sharing proven techniques, Rory engages the audience through humor, real-life examples, and time-tested business principles to touch the Heart (emotion), Mind (intelligent decision) and Body (action) of all participants. Filled with ‘take-home’ value, attendees are changed as they discover for themselves the unique power they have to “Make A Difference” in all avenues of life.

Participants will learn to:

  • Use the power of heart (passion), Mind (intelligent decision) and Body (new behavior)
  • Understand why perception is more powerful than reality
  • When to use the past to empower and how to let it go to get away from harm
  • See the damage done by sitting back and waiting for things to pass
  • Minimize the influence of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)
  • Have an action plan to immediately Make a Difference

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Who should attend: Appropriate for all levels within the organization

Format: 45 to 90-minute keynote

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