Make A Difference

Everyone in the organization makes a difference and this affects the bottom-line. Attitudes – whether positive or negative –matter and they have the power to impact the success of your organization.

Sharing proven techniques, Rory Aplanalp engages the audience through humor, real-life examples, and time-tested business principles to touch the Heart( emotion), Mind (logic) and Body (action) of all participants.  Filled with ‘take-home’ value, attendees discover for themselves the unique power they have to Make A Positive Difference on and off the job.

From this event attendees will:

  • Understand the power of attitude and how it effects everything
  • Replace negative behavior by looking for ‘What’s Right’ in others and situations
  • Deepen connections by expressing gratitude and genuine appreciation
  • Have an action plan to immediately Make a Difference on and off the job
  • Who should attend:  Appropriate for all levels within the organization
Format: 45 to 90 minute keynote

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