Keep the Connection

The long-term success of any organization is built upon relationships…the relationships we have with the people we work with, the customers we serve, and the people we care most about.

You know this, but what are you doing about it? 

Learn real, tangible things you can do immediately to connect on a deeper level with others.  Regardless of what industry you are in, occupation or position you hold, you have a unique ability to ‘connect’ in a powerful way starting today!

From this event, participants will learn:

  • To quickly establish rapport
  • Increase interpersonal skills
  • Enhance loyalty and commitment
  • Lessen workplace stress
  • Increase integrity between values and actions
  • Resolve problems and conflict
  • Format: 45-minute inspirational keynote or 2-hour break out session

Who should attend:  Appropriate for all levels within the organization

Presented at Meeting Professional’s International World Education Congress, with rave reviews. Here are some comments from participants:

“Your talk really touched me and I hope that I can affect others in some small way the way you affected me.”


“Incredible” “I wish we could have heard him speak longer” “Very Uplifting” “OUTSTANDING!” “Rory’s message changed me” “Made a difference in me” “So Inspiring”


“Great seminar! I enjoyed your presentation style and genuine sincerity.”


“I told my wife about “Throwing Starfish” when I arrived home…we agreed to work on “throwing starfish” to each other daily. Thanks for helping me re-connect with my most important person.”


“Thanks for sharing your practical wisdom…I feel empowered to make a difference!”

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