How to be Proactive in a Reactive World

The Ultimate Attitude Adjustment


Full of emotion and heart, Rory presents practical wisdom in a lively, humorous and highly interactive keynote address. His masterful use of personal anecdotes will have the audience laughing one moment and deeply moved the next. Packed with ‘take-home’ value, participants leave with renewed determination to face all of life’s professional and personal challenges with positive determination!
Who should attend: Appropriate for all levels within the organization

How you will benefit:

  • Personally accept accountability for actions and attitudes
  • Adapt and adjust to change
  • Redirect focus from ‘no control’ to ‘total control’ situations
  • Adopt an ”I’ll Do It” attitude and the self-confidence to make a positive difference
  • Fine-tune when slipping into old ‘reactive’ behavior
Format: 45 to 90-minute motivational keynote
Note: More than 1,000,000 people worldwide have listened to this powerful keynote address. Rory has received thousands of letters expressing how his words have changed lives.

What attendee’s say:

“Rory made ideas I’d heard before mean something I can apply.”
“Excellent, useful and entertaining – Exceeded expectations – THANK-YOU!”
“I am encouraged to apply the practical-wisdom you gave at work and at home.”
“Very dynamic – the best speaker I have ever heard.”
“Useful ideas, masterfully presented.”

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