Rory’s Room AV Requirements and Room Setup

When presenting it is important for the entire audience to be able to hear Rory comfortably.  We have provided some guidelines for making sure that the proper equipment is available for Rory.

AV Preference for Keynotes

  1. Wireless clip-on microphone
  2. Plenty of stage room
  3. LCD Projector
  4. Eight foot screen
  5. Six foot table with 4 electrical outlets
  6. Theater style seating – full house lights

AV Preference for Workshops

  1. Wireless, clip on microphone
  2. LCD projector
  3. Eight foot screen
  4. Six foot table
  5. Four electrical outlets
  6. Classroom style seating
  7. Table for participants

Rory has discovered some ideas for room set up that will add to the success of your meeting. These are not requirements, only suggestions we’ve leaned from experience.

  1. Use your own speaker sound system, rather than the speakers in the ceiling. You’ll get a much higher quality of sound.
  2. Place speakers in the front, middle and back of the room.
  3. Use an additional light source for the presenter.
  4. Set up the front row as close to the speaker as possible.
  5. Less is more. Do not over set the room. If you are expecting 250 attendees, set the room for 250 or slightly less.
  6. Ask attendees to turn off cell phones and pagers.
  7. Use a dark back drop for the speaker.
  8. When video taping use BetaSP tape rather than VHS for better quality

Audio or Video Taping

  • Rory Aplanalp receives the master
  • Video taping fee: 25% of speaking fee
  • Audio taping fee: 25% of speaking fee
  • Addendum to agreement is required for taping/recording.

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